Sydney male Tantric Erotic Massage

Want to discover Kundalini Energy from the Chakra Power of your Genitals? Call me right away because I know all about Sydney Gay Tantric Erotic Massages. I will awaken your sexual chakra points to invigorate your spirit and fill you with a newfound libido you never knew!

Swiss Remedial Massage
A deep penetration massage that cleanses your clogged pores and revitalizes the cells, Swiss Remedial Massage is my specialty. With basic touching permitted, there are no bounds to male tantric massage Sydney waiting for you at my Ultimo location!

Manipulating the way you feel the healing touch on your soft tissues, Swedish Remedial Massage can restore elasticity to your skin and restore the youthful glow!

Gentle Nude Full Body Massage
With our exclusive Gentle Body Massage offering full nudity for maximum pleasure and relaxation, your sexual fantasies come alive. We use advanced techniques of reflexology and massage to smoothen tense tissues and knots to release frustration and feelings of restlessness.

You can also massage me for a full throttle of fun and excitement! I use non-scented massage oils with total hand and finger movements focussed on revitalizing your spirits. When you’re done, you can also use the complimentary shower for a power-reset.

Release the Tension eating up your Peace
From intellectually stimulating conversations to physically arousing and rejuvenating massages, I offer a complete package of relaxation and man2man massage in Sydney. If you’re new to same-sex fantasies, let me guide you to a fantasy world of BDSM and fetish sex that you could never even imagine until now. I am a dominance Master in BDSM and can show you pleasures that can free your aching nerves, spirit and soul too!

Being diversely experienced with the pleasure centres of the male and female body, I will leave no stone unturned when I begin massaging you with my soft fingers and gentle touch. Before you go …From years of experience, aligning the sexual chakras and helping men and women discover their hidden sensuality, I offer Sydney Gay Tantric Erotic packages of one to 12 hours of massages, based on your demand. As I am always charged and positive about new stuff that excites the sensual nerves, I am all yours for your kinkiest fantasies too.

In short, whatever your demands are, I am always to please, pleasure and make you laugh! Do you want me NOW?

James Addison - Gentleman Companion, Erotic Masseur and Dominant Master in Sydney